Our Mission

Kintsugi Foundation was created to give women who are struggling with substance abuse and dual diagnosis, a safe place to rebuild their lives on a new foundation of sobriety. We believe that with the right support and guidance, people who are recovering can not only remain substance-free but can thrive in the world. A sustaining recovery requires forming new and better relationships with family and loved ones, learning new skills, finding new passions, and becoming self-supporting. The Kintsugi Foundation provides a place and programming where all of that happens. A place where women who want help to recover can be sponsored and avoid the challenges of the current healthcare system.

Recovery with Kintsugi

Recovery treatment at Kintsugi will entail residents’ full participation in a modified therapeutic community that includes an array of program activities and professional services designed to support the recovery process. All recovery planning/case management, individual counseling, group counseling, and educational group sessions will be provided by certified and/or licensed recovery treatment professionals. The community itself will function much like a family unit that relies upon and encourages group affiliation, unity, teamwork, accountability, and mutual support. Residents will be immersed in a culture of recovery and cover topics ranging from addiction recovery, art therapy, music therapy, financial literacy, family groups, fitness, dance, nutrition, and life skills.

It is safe to say that we as a society are still in the infancy of effectively treating addiction. However over the last 50 years or so we have defined some absolutes that we know arrest addiction and facilitate a much higher chance of recovery.

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