Kintsugi (n.) the art of repairing pottery with gold or silver lacquer with the understanding that the piece is more beautiful for having been broken.

Our Mission

Kintsugi Foundation is a non-profit residential women’s sober living devoted to health & wellness focused on women in recovery from addictions, trauma, and mental health issues. It was created to give women who are struggling with substance abuse and dual diagnosis, a safe place to rebuild their lives on a new foundation of sobriety. We believe that with the right support and guidance, people who are recovering can not only remain substance free, but can thrive in the world. A sustaining recovery requires forming new and better relationships with family and loved ones, learning new skills, finding new passions, and becoming self-supporting. The Kintsugi Foundation provides a place and programming where all of that happens. A place where women who want help to recover can be sponsored and avoid the challenges of the current healthcare system.

Group Therapy

It is imperative that client’s begin to understand why they do what they do, to address trauma that has created a self destructive path, and to begin to have a new perspective on who they truly are. This is done in multiple ways, through both group and individual therapy and counseling.

Goal Setting

All human beings need to feel a sense of hope, something that they are working towards. This gives life meaning and direction. An addict with no goals, in order to build self esteem, is a relapse waiting to happen.

Life Skills

While most of us take for granted that we know how to get a job, create a resume, balance a bank account, etc., addicts appear to have been in a state of arrested development and many times the most basic life skills are lacking or non existent. An addict with no life skills finds it impossible to remain sober.

Community Support

The saying goes ‘an addict alone is in dangerous territory’. We have seen the effectiveness of recovery communities for decades now, most prominently through 12 step programs, and the Kintsugi Foundation is a community modeled upon these effective programs.